Nowadays, customers' businesses need to use technology to achieve efficiency, speed, reduce costs and risks.
Panicha Corporation Co.,Ltd. . has realized the importance of helping customers on IT Transformation.  We provide comprehensive services in terms of Product Solution Consult and Professional Service in back end system CRM , Accounting , Sale system and POS solution 

Implementation part : Panicha Corporation Co.,Ltd. able to provide Engineer for get requirement and implement with vendor Certificate for trust of client so that clients can be confident that the installed system can be ready for use quickly and efficiently  

Training Requirement : to provide clients with better understanding of how to use and manage the system , the Certified Engineer team will explain the overall picture of the installed system including various equipment and programs teaching how to used it, take care of it and solve basic problems

Corrective Maintenance  the company provides services, both 8x5 and 24x7, responding to customer needs. The engineer team will assist in solving problems and bringing the system back up and running as quickly as possible. Then there will be a summary of the causes and ways to prevents further problems. Preventive Maintenance , In order to ensure the stability of the system, the company provides as service to check the operation of the system through various tools which will help eto encounter various abnormalities. Before the problem is severely affectivng thesystem. Helping customers usiness to run continueously Reduce the risk of downtime, system and personnel reqources used to solve problems.  
Managed Service For work that is complicated and there is a risk must reply on experts The company as a team ready to provide services such as talking care of backup and data recovery systems, updating Security Patch on 2020  
P R O D U C T S & S E R V I C E S
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